Need A Job?

Get some insight on how you can improve your chances of finding work

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Then it may be time to up your game. How?

1. Get a fresh pair of eyes to review your resume. It may not be as good as you think, and you may not be getting through ATS due to formatting or lack of keywording.

2. Review your LinkedIn Profile. You have 2,500 characters to use in the summary section to “sell” your skills, experience and qualifications.

3. Pay closer attention to job descriptions, not job titles. Are you actually qualified for the jobs you are applying for?

4. Further in increase your meaningful engagement on LinkedIn. The algorithm “rewards” activity by raising your profile in searches.

5. Spend more time researching the company ahead of interviews.

6. Practise behavioural/competency-based interview questions more thoroughly.

7. Call former colleagues and catch up in person. 8. Attend “Meet Ups” with people from your industry and NETWORK.

8. Try a different recruiter.

There are many other things you can do (READ the comments below). Simply applying for jobs online won’t cut it. Going the “extra mile” WILL! You all have amazing skills and experience. Isn’t it time YOU got yourself noticed?! Anything to add to my examples, please?